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BioSeal 500ml

Model number: BTI-181
  • Anti-puncture sealant for tubeless and innertube systems, seals up holes to 6 mm
  • Contains natural latex and cellulose fibers from sugar beet
  • Last 2-7 months
  • 100% biodegradable within 28 days
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BioSeal tire sealer

BioSeal tire sealer is a plant-based liquid for making your tires tubeless and creates an anti-puncture sealant. The natural formula of the tire sealer can seal holes up to 6mm. It works optimally for several months, depending on weather conditions and usage. Check monthly if the sealant is still liquid. If necessary add extra tire sealant. BioSeal tire sealant is 100% biodegradable thanks to its formula which includes natural latex and cellulose fibers from sugar beet.

BioSeal 500ml BioSeal 500ml
BioSeal 500ml BioSeal 500ml
BioSeal 500ml BioSeal 500ml


  • Bottle volume 500 ml / 18 oz
  • Type of lubricant Wax
  • Suitable for weather All weather
  • How to use? Ready to use
  • Plant based? Yes
  • Bio degradable? Yes
  • PTFE and Petrochemical free? Yes
  • Micro plastic free? Yes


  • Volume (L) 1
100% biodegradable

100% biodegradable

These maintenance products are biodegradable within 28 days. Because biodegradable products naturally break down, they eventually decompose and are absorbed by the soil and other natural components. This natural process means that no chemical reactions are needed to start the process, resulting in less pollution.

100% plant based

100% plant based

All our maintenance products are made from 100% plant-based materials (and are free of microplastics). Plant-based materials are better for the environment as they help reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and leave less waste and emissions in the environment. Additionally, they are easily recyclable and compostable.