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Model number: BTL-214
  • Universal spoke plier compatible with round and flat spokes
  • Securely holds spokes in place when building or truing wheels
  • Prevents twisted spokes and damage to spoke nipple threads
  • Compatible with J-bend and straight pull spokes
  • Suitable for round and flat spokes up to 2.4mm (13G)
  • Features ergonomic handles for comfortable and efficient use
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SpokeHold Universal spoke plier

The SpokeHold is a universal spoke plier that gives you effortless wheel maintenance. Compatible with both round and flat spokes, it securely holds spokes in place during wheel building or truing, preventing twisted spokes and damage to nipple threads. This tool is versatile as it accommodates J-bend and straight pull spokes, catering to diverse wheel designs. Designed for efficiency, SpokeHold is suitable for round and flat spokes up to 2.4mm (13G). With its ergonomic handle it ensures comfort during use. So, the SpokeHold is a must-have tool for cyclists who demand precision in wheel maintenance.


  • Material Steel