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BioDrivetrain cleaner

Model number: BTL-250
  • Can be used undiluted without any problems
  • 100% plant-based
  • 100% recycled PET packaging
  • 100% free from microplastics
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Bio Drivetrain Cleaner

Bio Drivetrain Cleaner is a plant-based degreaser. Remove effortlessly dirt the most stubborn grease and dirt particles of your frame, chain, and chainrings. Bio Drivetrain Cleaner can be used undiluted as long as all parts are carefully rinsed with water afterwards. The 100% biodegradable formula makes sure the degreaser is completely degraded within 28 days. A must-have while cleaning your bike without any chemicals.


  • Volume (L) 1
  • Volume (ml) 1000
  • Weight (g) 912