Primefold XL

Gravel + Workshop /
  • High-end folding tool with durable anodized aluminium side plates
  • With chrome plated tools
  • Includes 18 different functions
  • With chain rivet tool, spoke wrenches and a knife

Primefold XL Minitool

Shiny, smart, small and pleasant in use
For all cyclists who pay some extra attention to their workshop on the road we have the PrimeFold series. A small lightweight blue multitool with an anodized aluminum case. The tools are just a little bit extended and made of durable chrome plated material. This increases the durability and makes it easier for you to force them. Available in four different versions with up to 18 different functions.
Chain rivet tool

Chain rivet tool

Computer specifications

  • Amount of functions 18


  • Chain breaker Yes
  • CO2 pump No
  • Extra tools Brake pad spreader, Half serrated blade
  • Hex size (mm) 2, 2,5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10
  • Screwdriver type Philips (PH-3), Flat (SL-6)
  • Smartlink storage No
  • Torx size T25, T30