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  • Quick-release axle system keeps the chain under tension when the wheel is removed
  • Easy for transportation and cleaning of the bike

ChainGrip Quick-release axle system

Keeps your chain and frame clean while working
While your bike is on the bike stand for some work you will often take your rear wheel out to get to the difficult to reach places. To prevent your chain from hanging around you can use the ChainGrip and keep your chain under tension. Also while travelling sometimes it is just easier without the rear wheel. Take the wheel out, put the ChainGrip in and your bike is much easier to handle. Together with the ForkGrip we got your back, even when you are not riding your bike.


  • Weight (g) 115,122
  • Ratchet bit driver No
  • Colors black/silver
  • Sizes 130mm,135mm