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Model number: BTL-78
  • The tool helps to put tires on the rim
  • Perfect help for tight tires/wheel combination
  • Fully composite to prevent wheel or tire damage
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EasyTire Tire tool

Normal tire levers can be pretty annoying. While on the bike they are okay, but when you work in your workshop you can use some more convenience. The EasyTire is a super handy tool to get your tire over the rim. Easily place the EasyTire on your rim and tire, squeeze them together and the job is done. The EasyTire is made out of composite material to make sure you don't damage your tire and rim. From now on, there is not a single tire you can't get over that rim!

EasyTire EasyTire
EasyTire EasyTire
EasyTire EasyTire


  • Width (mm) 60
  • Length (mm) 230
  • Weight (g) 120