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Buyer's Guide | Lights

You tend to head off to work early, even before sunrise? Or you are used to make your way back home during the night? When darkness reigns, you want to shine a light on the road ahead of you. And be seen yourself as well. We dislike missing turns or running into potholes. Which is why we offer two types of lighting solutions. Lights with which you can be seen or you can see yourself.

To see / To be seen

To see

When you need to travel over unlit bike paths when riding to work early in the morning. Or when you go for a ride on a dark evening. You need to have good visibility on the road ahead of you. Nobody wants to be surprised by undiscovered gaps and holes. So, you need a bicycle light that illuminates the whole road and keeps you safe.

To be seen

Do you always cycle through the city? On roads which are illuminated perfectly. In that case you need bicycle lights which make you visible for other traffic during your ride. We talk about little lights that can easily be attached to a bicycle or your cycling clothes. These lights will give a maximum bulb of 150 lumen and are price-friendly.


Specs lights

All our lights are build to last. This means not only their lifetime is long but also their burn time and intensity stay as good as when first used.



When cycling in the dark a light is key to use. Of course it's impractible to hold such a light in your hand while cycling. Therefore BBB got a line of different brackets and mounts to place on your bike so you can easily click your light on your bike and get it off when the ride is over.


Light types

At BBB we have different types of lights. These lights are specifically made to be the perfect light for your ride.



Our headlights are made to be seen or to see. Whatever you need your headlight to do BBB got the right one for you.


Rear lights

All BBB rearlights make sure you are visible to everyone around you on the road.


Light sets

Not only looking for a head- or rearlight? The BBB lightsets are your best option to get both and make sure you are safe and ready to go on your dark rides.