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Buyer's Guide | Short and Tights

With or without upper

Cycling shorts are both available with or without upper body part. Our collection cycling shorts contains both to serve as many cyclists as possible. De upper makes sure your shorts stays comfortably in place. De material we use for the upper is a lightweight open mesh. This offers a comfortable fit underneath your shirt without creating an added layer of clothing. Even though most cyclists prefer an upper, we also have shorts without an upper. These shorts have a comfortable waistband to keep your shorts in place. These waistbands are extra wide to make sure they won't create a tight strapt around your waist, but spread out the pressure evenly. Whatever you prefer, we have got something that you like!

Kort of lang Kort of lang

Shorts or tights

The difference between shorts and tights is quite simple; shorts have short legs, and tights have long legs. With that been said, you can also imagine that shorts are often used in warmer weather conditions, and tights when the temperature drops. Generally speaking that is how it works. Our cycling shorts have a focus on light and breathable material use and comfort. Furthermore, our tights range contains different tights made out of different materials to conquer wind, coldness and even rain! These tights help you through the winter. Take a look at our tights collection and discover all the great features of these tights yourself!