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Clothing materials

Here you can find everything about the materials we use in our clothing

Clothing materials


High-performance fabric with excellent dissipation of moisture and maximum breathability fora high comfort level. Muscular compression and excellent stretch ensure maximum freedom of movement.


The ultimate in breathability. This four-way stretch polyester mesh has excellent ventilation properties.


Maintance free, vegan suede for a very natural feel.

AQUATEC 10.000

A 100% wind and waterproof breathable membrane for ultimate protection. The microscopic pores are impervious to water (10.000mm/H2O) but allow vapor to pass through from the inside (10.000g/m2/24H). So you will stay dry and avoid overheating.


High-performance fabric, perfect muscular compression.


Excellent muscular compression.


Artificial leather wich simulates suede and top-grain leather.


Very lightweight Polyester material that controls the body temperature perfectly by absorbing and expelling body transpiration.


Garments made with COOLMAX® fiber transport moisture away from the body to the surface of the breathable fabric where it evaporates quickly. This creates a highly desired cooling effect that helps the wearer stay dry and comfortable to optimize performance.



Where normal insulation works through little air bubbles, works Far InfraRed through a whole other concept. The body emits infrared energy in the form of heat that goes straight through normal insulation. Special ceramic microparticles in the fabric of products with the Far InfraRed technology, work like a shield to bounce this energy back to the skin. The second level of insulation that is not affected by moist. Keeping your body warm and comfortable without thick layers of clothing.


Cool Plus textiles wick sweat away from your skin very quickly for faster evaporation. This keeps your skin dry and cool for longer periods and the fabric does not stick to your body.


A very soft and flexible isolation made with the intention to keep great dexterity.


Open channel foam, trough which air can move. It also uses your bodyheat to shape to your Preference and body.


An ultralight and open polypropylene fiber blend, which is specifically developed and engineered to keep you cool and dry in warm conditions. The open hexagon mesh structure promotes airflow between the fabric and the skin while the push-pull effect of the fabric dissipates moisture away from your skin to the next layer.


A high-end technical fabric, 100% polyester laminated with a warm fleece inner liner. The characteristics of this material result in not only a warm jersey that dissipates moisture well, it also spreads the moisture more evenly and quickly over the whole of the fabric.


An open material, which helps your body transport your sweat. The difference between the two mesh is the more open the structure, the more breathable the fabric is.


Water and windproof material with an isolation property.


Special anti-bacterial coated neoprene with a soft, smooth surface that water drops on and rolls immediately off.


Where regular foam absorbs and returns the energy of shocks, PORON® foam absorbs the impact. This allows you to maintain full control, even on the most challenging terrain. Your handlebars have never felt so comfortable. In addition, the material is lightweight and abrasion-resistant. It is with a reason that it is used in the Hubble telescope.


Primaloft is an insulation material that is very breathable and allows the moisture vapor to pass through. This means that even if you get sweaty, the insulation will protect you from getting cold. Primaloft retains body heat perfectly, without being bulky.


Vegan leather, which is washable without getting hard or dry.


Great in most cycling conditions ( except heavy rainfall). They are super breahtable, relatively lightweight and extremely comfortable.


High-tech fabric that enhances the dissipation of moisture. Excellent insulating features and features a durable water repellent coating.


Elastic, anti-bacterial fabric. Excellent insulating breathing and moisture transport features. Perfect for semi-cold conditions.


Lightweight polyester type fabric with excellent insulating and moisture transport features. Its hollow-core fibers trap air for greater insulation. The larger surface area allows faster evaporation, by speeding moisture away from the skin to the surface of the fabric where it can evaporate more quickly.


A breathable (20.000g/m2/24H) high-end, a lightweight 3-layer material, with wind- and waterproof(20.000mm/ H2O) features keeping you dry and warm. A PolyUrethane (PU) membrane is bonded between the highly elastic inner and outer layer material.


A breathable (20.000g/m2/24H) high-end 3-layer material, with wind and waterproof (20.000mm/H2O)features. The elastic outer material is fixed to the Polyurethane (PU) membrane and is protected on the inside by a fleece layer. Due to this 3-layer technology, your body will be warm and dry during exercise.


Advanced coated material of outer polyurethane (PU) rubber with inner Micro-fleece gives the highest level of water resistance, durability, and flexibility.