DonnaFit DonnaFit

We love riding.

Together and in style.

For fun, that nice chat

and maybe some coffee and cake on the way back.

Feeling fit, being free.

That’s why We. Love. Riding.

Casual and in comfort.

That’s why we ride DonnaFit.



Ready for a fresh summer!

Colourful and made with the newest fabrics, that is our DonnaFit. Available in three colourways and with lovely designs, without compromising on functionality. This cycling jersey has three back pockets to store all your belongings and a high-end full-length zipper.

Back pockets

Casual and in comfort

A cycling jersey that combines casual and comfortable riding. The sleeves are made from a soft material that sits comfortably and will not pinch your arms. The bottom hem is fixed with a silicone gripper to hold it perfectly in place.