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Frequently asked questions

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Frequently asked questions

Cycling accessories


What is BPA?

BPA is the abbreviation for bisphenol-A. It is a substance used in products made of polycarbonate, among other things. We do not use BPA in our water bottles because of research into possible negative medical effects. BPA can mix in small amounts with the liquid in the bottle.

What is PP?

PP is the abbreviation for polypropylene. Polypropolene is often used in plastic bottles and water bottles. The material has a stable and durable character. This is for us a reason to make our bottles with polypropylene. But also because the material is odorless and tasteless.

Maintenance of my water bottle

Our water bottles are made of Polypropylene, a stable and slime-resistant material that is odour- and taste-free. And also a plastic that is resistant to hot water. This means you can easily wash the water bottles with hot water or simply put them in the dishwasher.


ANT+/Bluetooth sensors not working?

When the ANT+/Bluetooth sensors are not working you can follow the steps underneath:

1. Make sure the batteries are not empty and are inserted correctly.
2. Make sure that the sensor has been "woken up".
3. Ensure that the sensors are properly paired.
4. Make sure the magnet is within 5mm of the sensor (if applicable).

Make sure the sensors are switched on and send a signal ("wake up" sensors), before switching on the device the sensors are attached to.

You can do this, for example, by making the wheel make a few rotations for a speed sensor. This will "wake up" the sensor and send it a signal that is immediately picked up by the device it is connected to.

Bluetooth sensors with smartphone?

When can you use Bluetooth sensors with your smartphone?

1. Ensure that your phone has Bluetooth® 4.0 or higher.
2. Check that Bluetooth® is turned on in your phone's settings.
3. Make sure you have a compatible cycling app installed.

Install a cycling app on your phone, e.g. BBB Bikeboard(iOS only), Strava, Komoot, Wahoo, and make sure that Bluetooth is enabled. Then pair the sensor in the cycling app, not in the Bluetooth settings of your phone.

Almost all contemporary smartphones have a Bluetooth 4.0 chip or higher, however, a compatible app is also required. There are some apps/brands that do use the available Bluetooth protocols but only work with their own brand of the sensor by encrypting the signal. So if you are already using an app, make sure to check if this app also works with other brands.

ANT+ sensors with smartphone?

When can you use ANT+ sensors with your smartphone?

1. Ensure your phone has ANT+ support.
2. Make sure you have a compatible cycling app installed.

1. Consult the Smartphone manufacturer for information on whether the Smartphone has an ANT+ chip or whether there is an ANT+ dongle available.
2. Install an ANT+ compatible app such as Wahoo Fitness or IpBike to pair and use the ANT+ sensor.

There are few smartphones on the market which have a built-in ANT+ chip. Exceptionally, most models of Sony and Samsung Android Smartphones do have an ANT+ chip. Please consult the manufacturer for more information.

ANT+/Bluetooth sensors with a bicycle computer?

Make sure that the bicycle computer can use ANT+/Bluetooth Smart as a connection for sensors.

Computers with navigation usually determine not only position but also speed via GPS, Glonas and use only a heart rate belt and possibly cadence as separate sensors. For speed, you often have to indicate the sensor in the settings as the speed source instead of GPS.

BBB ANT+ and/or Bluetooth Smart sensors can be connected to all devices that use ANT+ or the standard Bluetooth Smart protocol. ANT+ is most often used in bicycle computers.

Many bicycle computers also have a Bluetooth connection, but this is mainly used for connecting to a smartphone and/or PC. These bike computers often cannot make use of Bluetooth Smart Sensors.

Measured distance or speed does not correspond to another computer or GPS computer / smartphone?

Check the following: are the batteries sufficiently charged in both the computer and the sensor.

Check that the correct wheel size is set in the computer. Also, make sure that the computer is properly positioned in the handlebar mount.

Bicycle computers without ANT technology may experience brief interruptions due to electromagnetic interference from, for example, a bridge. This is because the transmission between sensor and computer is an open connection. The ANT technology does not suffer from such influences.

Initial use of my BBB wireless computer?

Set the necessary values in the computer, such as speed unit, wheel size, and time. After setting, make sure that the computer is placed correctly in the handlebar mount.

If the computer is not placed correctly, it will not work.


Can I reset my combination lock?

There is no reset procedure for our combination locks, this would not be sensible either, since malicious persons could then use the reset procedure to open the lock and steal the bike. Therefore, there is no possibility to reset a combination lock.


Complaint: the light switches off suddenly

Check that the battery is properly tightened. The slot on the back of the battery should be set completely vertical using a coin so that the battery makes good contact internally. If this is not sufficient, consult your dealer.

The lamp only has a flash mode?

At a certain moment, the lamp will only turn on in flashing mode to save battery power. An orange LED lights up beside the LED. This is an indication of low battery voltage. From the moment the flash mode is activated, you have at least 2 hours of battery life left. This gives you enough time to get home safely.

Some of our lamps (you can find this in the manual) may also require switching from the flashing menu to the continuous-on menu. This can be done by briefly pressing the on/off button twice, see the picture below:

Lights modus Lights modus

What do you need to know about burn time?

The amount of burn time depends on which lamp you own. The user manual will tell you how much burning time your lamp has at what setting. Every lamp has a battery indicator, this is always a separate LED. When the battery is almost empty, this LED will start blinking. The burning time from that moment on is about half an hour. Every lamp with a lithium-ion battery has an intelligent control that reduces the intensity of the light beam in small steps, in order to provide a good usable beam for as long as possible. This is done in such a way that you will not be surprised by a sudden failure of the light. It is recommended to turn the lamp down when the battery indicator starts flashing.

How to mount a light on your bicycle

Ensure that your lights are well positioned on your bike. The handlebar and seatpost offer the best place for them. Keep in mind that you can be seen with your lights, but do not blind other road users. If necessary, consult the legal provisions of your country. Also, use the different light modes when possible and necessary.