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Frequently asked questions



What is the statutory warranty period for the Netherlands?

All items you buy from us are covered by the statutory warranty. Legal warranty means that a product is or should do what you can reasonably expect it to do. A manufacturer's warranty also applies to some products. This guarantee does not detract from the legal guarantee.

What are the warranty conditions of manufacturer's warranty at BBB Cycling?

In addition to a legal warranty, a manufacturer's warranty also applies to some of our products. This warranty does not affect the legal warranty.

For the exact warranty conditions of the factory warranty, we would like to refer you to the user manual. This manual can be found on the manuals page. Not all our products have a manufacturer's warranty, so it is not always mentioned in the manual. For warranty evaluations, you can always contact our customer service at 003171-579 1580 (local rate) or at store@bbbcycling.com. Have you bought a product from a bike shop near you? Then we advise you to contact this shop directly. They will then help you with the warranty application.

Please note that the warranty on our products is only valid if

 - You have followed the safety instructions and instructions for use;
 - There is no normal wear and tear and/or parts of the product have been adjusted incorrectly;
 - You have treated the product properly and used it with the correct intention.