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Get the most comfort out of your suspended seatpost

27 June 2022
Get the most comfort out of your suspended seatpost

Get the most comfort out of your suspended seatpost

27 June 2022
Get the most comfort out of your suspended seatpost

Get the most comfort out of your suspended seatpost

27 Jun. 2022


As you might have seen already, We have two suspension seatposts in our assortment. These seatposts are specifically designed to provide maximum comfort in your rides. The suspension mechanism is designed to absorb shocks and vibrations. This helps to make your ride smoother and more comfortable. Besides, the right suspension also makes sure you get less tired, so that you can enjoy your ride for longer.

In this blog, we will give you information about both the ActionPost and the ComfortPost. The differences, the comparisons, and many more. Keep reading and discover all the features that make your rides smoother. Below, we will explain both models.


The ActionPost

Let's start with the ActionPost. Our most versatile suspension seat post. This model suits both sportive as well as urban cyclists. Mountainbikes, road bikes, city bikes, tour bikes, and E-bikes. The ActionPost is ready for action! The elastomer suspension system works through the use of elastomer inserts that provide the suspension. The inserts can be changed and adjusted to the rider's weight and preference. This seatpost provides suspension without losing control and feeling with the bike. The ideal seatpost for maximum comfort.


The ComfortPost

The ComfortPost is designed with one goal: to provide comfort for the rider. the suspension system of the ComfortPost works through the use of springs. These springs provide maximum absorption of vibrations and other imperfections in the road surface. On long rides on your city bike or E-bike, this seatpost can increase your comfort massively.


The suspension mechanism

As explained above, our ActionPost has an elastomer suspension system. This results in a relatively low weight of the seat post for the sportive cyclist. The parallel hinge construction leans onto the elastomer of which the stiffness determines the absorption. three elastomer inserts are included, all with different levels of stiffness. This way, the stiffness can be adjusted to the rider's body weight.

On the other side, we have the ComfortPost. Here, the suspension is created through the use of springs. This provides ultimate comfort and a real suspended feeling for optimal support on your rides.

For both systems, it is obviously important that the suspension setting is exactly right for every rider. Below, we will explain a bit more about how both systems can be adjusted to the rider's weight.

Adjust the resistance (ActionPost)

All ActionPosts included two additional elastomer inserts with different stiffness. The inserts have the numbers 5, 7, and 9 written on them. The higher the number, the stiffer the insert is, and thus the heavier the weight of the rider. By choosing the stiffness that corresponds to your weight you create maximum comfort and control over your bike.

ActionPost included

Adjust the resistance (ComfortPost)

De springs in the ComfortPost can be changed to adjust the resistance to your body weight. Take the ComfortPost out of your frame. Change the springs in the seatpost by loosening the bolt on the inside of the seatpost. Choose two grey springs, two black springs, or a combination according to your weight. This is explained in further detail in the manual that is included. Besides, the bolt inside the seatpost can be adjusted for small adjustments to the resistance. This way, you can choose the right resistance very precisely.

ComfortPost included

Maintenance of the seatpost

A suspended seatpost contains a few moving parts. It is therefore important to maintain these parts properly.

For the ComfortPost it is important to also make sure you put the protection sleeve over the mechanism at all times. This protection sleeve protects the mechanism against external factors and protects you and your clothes against the mechanism.

Besides, we advise you to put some grease on the moving parts approximately once a year, or with intense use a bit more often. Also make sure to keep your seat post and the moving parts clean, and check it regularly for any wear. This way, you will be able to keep enjoying your super comfortable and smooth rides!