Goalchaser #4 Nico

25th October 2017
Goalchaser #4 Nico

Goalchaser #4 Nico

25th October 2017
Goalchaser #4 Nico

Goalchaser #4 Nico

09 Feb. 2017

Former professional cyclist talks about his ambitions

Fourth in our Goalchasers series is Nico Sijmens, account manager at BBB Cycling and former professional road cyclist. Having ridden for Wanty-Groupe Gobert and Cofidis, Nico knows what it’s like to go hard on the bike, but at the same time have fun on it as well. We asked him what his ambitions are in 2017.

Nico Sijmens

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Nico Sijmens, I’m 39 years old and a former professional cyclist (from 2001 to 2014). Since 2015 I work as account manager for BBB Cycling. For the most part I’m on the road in Wallonia (Belgium) and Luxemburg.

How did 2016 go for you?

2016 was a pretty good year for me. As a former competitor, I still aim for the best results. Last year I won three road races (one in which I became Belgian Champion of the Bike Industry) and a couple of dual-trail races. Besides that, I also got some podiums at mountain bike marathons.

Good old times

What is your cycling goal for 2017?

For this year I have a couple of goals. The first goal is to go for a victory in a mountain bike marathon. Besides that, I want to see what I can achieve in some duathlons and triathlons with some good training preparation. And as if that isn’t enough, I also hope to compete on a high level in road races and do some more km’s on the bike.

How do you plan to achieve this goal?

In general, I will do the same amount of training like last year, but I hope to put some more consistency and distance in my training. I will also try to do a little more running than last year.

Pulling my weight

What does your training look like?

Last year I did around 5000 km’s on the bike, which is not much considering I did 30.000 km’s a year as a pro-cyclist before. I don’t go out that often, but when I do, I go hard (and have a lot of fun)! I also ride a lot of competitions, whether it’s road or MTB. For me that is always good training, because I have limited time to do long and easy training rides.

Any tips for fellow cyclists to get the most out of the year?

My tip is to go ride your bike as much as you can, do whatever you like to do on your bike and always have fun. Put some variety in your training and rides. And last, but not least, pedal hard!


Header (Cofidis, 2012), Picture 2 (Wanty-Groupe Gobert, 2014), Picture 3 (Wanty-Groupe Gobert, 2014)