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How do you prepare for 3 Loops Legends?

0 December 0
How do you prepare for 3 Loops Legends?

How do you prepare for 3 Loops Legends?

0 December 0
How do you prepare for 3 Loops Legends?

How do you prepare for 3 Loops Legends?

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3 Loops Legends is coming near and you might still be in doubt what distance you are going to choose. One thing you know for sure, and that’s that you’ll be on your bike for the most part of the day. So how do you prepare yourself for such an event?

1. Building a route

It might not be the first thing you do, but building a route is essential for doing 3 Loops Legends, how else do you make sure that your route consists of 3 Loops? We partnered with Komoot, a route-building platform and a great tool for building your 3 Loops route. It can be tricky at first to find out how you can best build your route but with some useful tips and tricks by Komoot you’ll be on your way in no time. On the 17th of February, we’ll be offering a free ‘route-building’ workshop that you can sign up to when having signed up to 3 Loops Legends.

2. Clothing

Tip 1:
Always bring a rain jacket! Even when the weather app says that it’s not going to rain, still bring a rain jacket. At the end of February, you never know what kind of weather will be thrown at you and before you know it you are in a heavy downpour and you wished you had brought it with you.

Tip 2:
A good pair of gloves is also not an unnecessary luxury. Leaving the second pair of gloves at your stop isn’t either. If your gloves get wet and you get cold hands, it will take forever to warm them up again.  

Tip 3:
And also, don’t forget your feet! When it’s cold outside shoe covers are definitely a must-have. Cold toes are most commonly heard and overshoes will definitely help you counter that. Besides, your shoes will stay clean as well ;).


3. The weather

Where is the wind coming from? What will the temperature be? And how will I dress for that type of weather? These are all common questions by cyclists. So always check the weather and dress appropriately.

4. Tires

Questions about tire choices can be answered by our partner Vittoria. They offer a different kind of tires for different cycling disciples: Road, MTB, and gravel/cross. Their road tires go up to 32 mm making your road ride more comfortable than ever before. This might be the perfect choice if you want to go for one of the longer 3 Loops distances on your road bike but are looking for comfort. If you are looking for more grip, they have those too.

5. A well-maintained bike

You hope for the best that you won’t have any mechanicals while on the road. That’s why you need to make sure that your bike is in perfect order. When was the last time you checked your bolts, lubed your seat post or cleaned your bike? Our partner Dynamic Bike Care offers a wide range of cleaning- and lubrication products so your bike will be ready for the challenge in no time.


6. Fuel

What is your golden rule for eating and drinking while on the bike? Often people tend to drink and eat too little, especially during winter. We recommend keeping track of when you ate last so that you don’t forget to eat! It’s your fuel to keep going and you’ll notice that you’ll be able to continue cycling for much longer than you initially thought. Chimpanzee Sports Nutrition offers easy to chew energy bars, protein bars, and our favorite, energy chews. Energy chews are small wine gums packed with carbs that will keep your legs going. If you join 3 Loops Legends you can win a Chimpanzee Nutrition pack worth €150! How about that ;).

7. Go social!

This year eleven partner cafés and bike shops offered their location as a possible start/stop location, so if you don’t want to organize the route yourself, you can join an organized event. You can find all possible locations in the sign-up sheet on threeloopslegends.cc. They will contact you with all the information closer to the date.


We wish you the best of luck!