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Grinta! | D'Ardennen

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On Dutch Ground

On Dutch Ground!

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On Dutch Ground!

Check out the whole story behind the movie!




Buyer's guide apparal

The right clothing is very important while cycling! But what do you need? Read it all in our buyer's guide!


Buyer's guide glasses

Need to protect your eyes from the sun and wind. Check out the buyer's guide about sport glasses to find out which one suits you best!



Buyer's guide innertubes

It's wise to take an extra innertube with you on your ride. But which one do you need? Check it out!


Buyer's guide sportive saddle's

The saddle is the most important part of the bike. Which one is the right one for you? Read it in the buyer's guide!


Buyer's guide helmets

What helmet is the right one for you? Check it out in the buyer's guide!



Check out this bike packing marathon!


Buyer's guide pumps

What pump is best for you! Check it out in the buyer's guide!


Urban saddle

Buyer's guide urban saddles

The saddle is the most important part of the bike. Read our buyer's guide on urban saddles to find out which one fits you best!

Urban saddle


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T-Rex Grip

Verantwoord fietsen

Het zijn rare tijden. Gelukkig mag er nog wel gefietst worden maar daar gelden wel nog een aantal regels voor. Lees deze in onze blog:

T-Rex Grip

T-Rex Grip

Having trouble changing your cassette? Our BTL-122 T-Rex Grip will make this task peanuts!


Circus-Wanty Groupe-Tormans

Backyard Crew #4

Backyard crew #4 | Meet Circus-Wanty Gobert Pro Team! Circus-Wanty Gobert-Tormans Cycling Team is a pro continental cycling team from Belgium. Our helmets and sports glasses support their riders in competing for the maximum result. While our tools keep the riders cycling. 

Bright and Fresh

BTL-21 Bright and Fresh

Always make sure your chain is clean to prevent it will wear out too quickly. With the BTL-21 Bright and Fresh we got you covered!

James Shirley

Backyard Crew #3

Backyard crew #3 Meet James Shirley ! James is an Enduro world series rider. Born in Fort William in the Scottish Highlands. With his van he drives from race to race as an professional Enduro mountain bike rider.

James Shirley

BTL-73 Torqueset

Always make sure you get a torqueset. It’s an essential tool to fix your bike!

Jamie Nicoll

Backyard Crew #2

Backyard crew #2 | Meet Jamie Nicoll!
Jamie is an adventurer and MTB athlete. Ever dreamed of a life full of mountain bike adventures? Jamie is the one to be jealous of.


BSB-41 Compacked

Do you need a way to take all your essentials with you on your ride? With the Compacked saddlebag we have got you covered!

Jack Thompson

Backyard Crew #1

Backyard crew #1 | Meet Jack Thompson! Jack is known as the most extreme cyclist on earth. He's an ultra-distance cyclist. 


BWS-03N WaterFlex

Tired of wet and cold feet on a ride? ⛈️ That's all in the past with the WaterFlex Shoe cover! 


T-Rex Grip

BTL-95 BracketKit

If you need to replace your bracket we got you covered. Our BracketKit includes everything you need. 


BTL-55 ProfiConnect

When your chain is worn out it has a chance to break. So don't forget to check it before it breaks!



New year means new challenges... Time to upgrade your ride for a new season! ???? Don't forget the most important part of your bike, the saddle