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    Need new pedals for your bicycle? If your pedals are worn out or you want to be able to transmit your pedalling power to your bike more effectively, it is useful to replace them. We have road bike pedals with a click system that not only allows you to push but also to pull at the pedal. For this, you also need cleats that match the click system you are using, which you will also find in our range. There are also mountain bike pedals with click system in our assortment, which we also have as a platform pedal, suitable for sporty shoes. And of course we have not forgotten the pedals for your city bike or e-bike.

    Which bicycle pedal is right for you?

    Did you buy a bicycle that comes without bicycle pedals? Then you need to look for matching pedals. Often, road bikes or mountain bikes are delivered without pedals, so you can decide for yourself whether you want flat pedals or clipless pedals. Most cyclists and mountain bikers go for pedals with a click system, for road cyclists this is often SPD-SL and mountain bikers often use SPD. However, if you are a beginner cyclist or mountain biker, clicking in the pedals may be a challenge. That is why you can also choose a double pedal, clipless on one side and a flat side on the other. The click system on these pedals is designed for mountain bikes.