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PHANTASTIC photochromic

25 May 2023
PHANTASTIC photochromic

PHANTASTIC photochromic

25 May 2023
PHANTASTIC photochromic

PHANTASTIC photochromic

25 May. 2023


We are all familiar with the benefits of wearing glasses on the bike. Glasses protect your eyes against dust, debris and water. High-end lenses can also provide a high-contrast filter for a super sharp view and maximum safety on the bike. Besides, lenses also protect your eyes against the potentially hazardous and blinding sun.

As sunlight is always changing, a pair of photochromic lenses can provide protection at any time! Photochromic lenses or also called PH lenses adjust their darkness according to the current light situation and BBB Cycling has a long history of perfecting this technology. Almost every model in the BBB Cycling range contains a PH version. PH lenses provide unprecedented value to every cyclist to enjoy the world around them! This blog explains exactly the benefits of our PHANTASTIC photochromic lenses and how they provide you with the best riding experience!

Photochromic lenses Photochromic lenses

PHANTASTIC photochromic

Photochromic lenses change according to the light situation. Lots of light make the lens go darker. Less light reverses this process and makes the lens go transparent again. UV rays trigger little particles that cause the lens to darken. This reaction between UV rays and the particles in the lens is constantly happening and results in a lens constantly adjusting to the light situation. This way, your lens is never too dark or too light at any moment. It now doesn't come as a surprise that photochromic lenses can virtually replace a wide range of lenses, as they are all contained within this one, PHANTASTIC photochromic lens.

PH in real life PH in real life

Meet the PHAMILY

Almost all our glasses have a regular version and a PH version. You can buy many glasses with the standard MLC, smoke and/or yellow and transparent lenses, or choose one all-encompassing PH lens.

Furthermore, we have a combination of PH-lens and MLC-lens. MLC stands for Multi-Layered Coating. Our MLC lenses contain up to 6 different layers, all with their own unique properties. Think about a special anti-scratch layer, oleophobic layer, anti-fog layer, and so on. Photochromic properties combined with the MLC- lens provides you with a wide range of different ways of protection for both your eyes and the lens itself. For an optimal view in every light situation and in every weather condition.

When the sun is shining When the sun is shining

PHOCUS on the road

When riding your bike, the PH-lens provide you with a great advantage in many situations. For example, a PH-lens adjusts itself easily when riding out of a tunnel, so that you don't have to take your glasses off and put them back on for a good view anymore. Besides, the PH-lens works in much more subtle situations as well. Like when you are changing directions, from the sun on your back, to straight ahead. Or what about riding in a forest, with large open spots and more shady spots. The ever-changing light is constantly balanced out by your PH-lens for an even and constant view. The PH-lens is always on the go, even when you don't think about it.

Out in the forest Out in the forest

Photochromic range

The photochromic range of a lens can differ and is expressed in a percentage of the light transmittance. In other words; a PH-lens with a range between 82%-17% can transmit 82% of the light, and thus be almost transparent. Or 17%, and thus be very tinted. A lens with a wide range of light transmittance like in this example is therefore very suitable for usage in both very dark and very bright circumstances.

Category 0:
80%-100%, allows a lot or all of the light through and is therefore very suitable for the darkest days.

Category 1:
43% - 80%, provides a wide range of transmission and is suitable for cloudy weather and twilight.

Category 2:
18% - 43%, provides just a little more protection than cat. 1, which makes it very suitable for clear days.

Category 3:
8% - 18%, low light transmission and therefore suitable for activities in bright sunlight.

Different categories Different categories


Our Photochromic glasses obviously contain all the same PHEATURES that our whole glasses range contains. Like the ergonomic and super comfortable nose piece, unbreakable Grilamid frame and so much more.

Furthermore, in regards to the Photochromic lenses, it is best to store your glasses in a case. This way, the lenses will be mostly transparent in storage and this allows the lens to work optimally once they are activated during a ride. Also, pay some attention to extreme temperatures. Extreme heat or cold make the process of tinting a bit slower. So, don't leave your glasses on a table in the burning sun, or leave them out in the cold overnight. With a little bit of care for your PH lenses, they will give you the best result back. So that you can optimally enjoy every single ride!

A flat tire A flat tire

PHANTASTIC photochromic

A PH-lens provides multiple lenses in one. Instead of having to change your lenses according to the light circumstances, you can now ride towards any possible light situation, head-on. Overcast, sunny, in the shade of the trees or in a blinding open field. The PH-lens provides exactly the right protection in every situation. Have a look through our wide range of PHANTASTIC photochromic glasses. With the knowledge you have gained, you can now make the right choice for your next PHANTASTIC photochromic glasses.