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What is important when buying a BBB road bike helmet?

18 May 2018
What is important when buying a BBB road bike helmet?

What is important when buying a BBB road bike helmet?

18 May 2018
What is important when buying a BBB road bike helmet?

What is important when buying a BBB road bike helmet?

18 May. 2018

What is important when buying a BBB road bike helmet?

Every road bike helmet serves its own purpose

There is one thing very important when getting a cycling outfit together, a nice and functional road bike helmet. You can’t step on your bike without a proper road bike helmet. Every cyclist will admit this and won’t climb on his bicycle without it. But all road bike helmets have their own characteristics and looks. So, what is most important when you are searching for a good helmet? And which one suits your needs best?

FDJ Helmets

Accidents can happen easily during cycling. An obstacle on the road, an unforeseen event (like a dog crossing the street) or the behavior of other road users. All occasions that can end your bike ride earlier than planned. So, wear a road bike helmet that protects your head during a fall from your bike or an accident. By wearing a helmet the risk on head and brain injuries declines with 63 to 88%. This makes cycling a lot safer!

Helmet explained

A BBB road bike helmet is constructed from different layers and exists out of various materials. We call the outside of the helmet the ‘shell’. Underneath this shell the absorption layer is attached that consists of the material polystyrene (EPS). This layer makes reduces the impact on your head during a fall. In between your head and the polystyrene a padding is placed to provide you with a perfect fit.

What is the best helmet for me?

Road bike helmets come in different sizes and kinds. We have built an assortment wherein every type of road cyclist can find the perfect helmet. Each road cyclist has his/her own necessities and emphasizes other qualities. Safety is always guaranteed, but looks and characteristics of the helmet are different for everyone.


Icarus / Brings ventilation to the level of perfection

Are you a road cyclist who want to keep his/her head cool during every ride and ventilation is on top of your wishlist? In this case the Icarus is the perfect helmet. The Icarus is tested on the highest level by the road cyclists of World Tour cycling team Équipe Cycliste Groupama-FDJ. This helmet is state-of-the-art when it comes to ventilating helmets. With its proper airflow, lightweight and an excellent fit in a compact design. The 29 air vents provide a great ventilation while the web structure of the helmet gives safety to an optimum level.

Tithon / The best combination between speed and air flow

The slick surface of the helmet makes it very aerodynamic. With this helmet you can cut through the wind while the two big air vents on the front conduct cool wind over your head. The road cyclists of cycling team FDJ use this helmet with a lot of pleasure. A third smaller vent just above the eyebrows controls the airflow over the middle of the head. Perfect for all speed demons that want to keep their heads cool. You may ask Arnaud Démare if you want. Are you going for speed during every ride? Than about the Tithon.


AeroTop / A weapon for every timetrail

The Aerotop is aerodynamic without compromises. Aerodynamics before everything with this one! It’s tested in the wind tunnel and used by our pro riders in the most demanding time trials of the Grand Tours. The high density EPS foam ensures safety and the included FaceShield keeps water and debris out of your eyes thanks to the hydrophobic coating. If only speed counts you will need the AeroTop.


Falcon / If no mountain is high enough

This helmet has been an icon for quite a while now. Tests show that the Falcon has the best ventilation of all our helmets at low speed, which makes this the perfect helmet for climbing in hot summer conditions. The 23 air vents help you to keep your head cool, while the SpiderWeb construction keeps your head safe at a crash. Can we always find you on the flanks of a pass? Don’t hesitate and try the Falcon.

Kite / The all-star

When you’re looking for a helmet that ticks all boxes, the Kite is your helmet. Due to the clever design of the removable visor, this helmet is multifunctional. Whether you’re on road or dirt, the Kite brings you back home safe. The low temple and back provides extra protection to the sensitive areas of your head. Together with the full PC shell, your head is covered in the best possible way. The comfortable and tight fit is based on our legendary top-end helmet, the Icarus. The Kite is the best combination of our mountainbike and road helmets and stands his ground on all surfaces.


What to do with a helmet after a crash?

A fall from your bike has an enormous impact on the helmet you are wearing. A fall on your head will break the absorption layer of the helmet, which results in the fact the you can replace it. Always replace your helmet after a fall. Watch out! Damage to the absorption layer isn’t visible with the human eye.


How do I maintain my helmet?

Always clean your helmet with a damped cloth without chemical cleaning supplies, because these will cause damage to your helmet. Do not keep your helmet in a bag or box because in this situations the sweat can’t dry and the helmet will stay humid to long. Make sure that you don’t put your helmet in clear sunlight after using it, the UV-light influences the lifetime of the absorption layer. You can’t see this damage with a human eye from the outside, but it will be there. We advise to replace your helmet always after usage of 5 years.

How do I find the best size for a helmet?