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The innovative and ergonomic padding in our gloves

22 June 2022
The innovative and ergonomic padding in our gloves

The innovative and ergonomic padding in our gloves

22 June 2022
The innovative and ergonomic padding in our gloves

The innovative and ergonomic padding in our gloves

22 Jun. 2022


Let's dive into it straight away; A good pair of cycling gloves with the right padding can increase your comfort on the bike immensely. Gloves have multiple functions. They help protect your hands against the sun, debris that is lifted up, and branches and even provide protection in case of a crash. Besides, they offer grip on your handlebars and the padding provides comfort and prevents your hands from getting tired too quickly.

In this blog, we discuss the benefits of wearing gloves regarding their padding. Besides, we will also explain why our padding has a very distinguished shape to provide optimal comfort on the bike.


Padding, more is less or less is more?

In regards to comfort on your handlebar, padding has a massive impact on that. The padding provides an absorbent protection layer in between your hands and your handlebar. Shocks and vibrations are reduced. The damping effect does not only increase comfort, it also supports the blood flow. later we will talk more about that.

More padding is not always better. Thick padding can be very comfortable, as long as it is placed in the right spots. To provide damping or relief of an area. The placement of the padding is therefore just as important as the amount of padding. Below, we will discuss that in further detail.


Placement of the padding

Padding can only do its job when it supports your hand and absorbs shocks and vibrations the right way. Good padding releases pressure points and keeps the blood flow intact. Due to the ergonomic placement of the padding, the natural shape of the hand is supported. Muscles, tendons, and other soft tissue are carefully followed by the padding design. Besides, this will also help to not block the blood flow. If this would happen, parts of the hand would start to feel numb after a while.

Padding in your gloves should only allow a positive effect on comfort. When this is not the case, the padding would only be an annoying feature. The placement of the padding is carefully designed and takes all the aspects mentioned above into consideration. This way, our padding provides comfort without allowing a bulky feeling.

Our summer gloves are divided into three categories that tell you the amount of padding: full padding, medium padding, or no padding. The placement of the padding in each category is similar, as the same concepts can be applied to all three categories. 

plaatsing van de padding

Full padding

Full padding provides maximum damping while riding your bike. The relatively thick padding creates a soft surface. Due to the ergonomic placing, the padding will not interfere with your hand's anatomy. Even better, the padding provides extra support where needed for an even spread of the pressure. This way, gloves with full padding don't feel as thick and bulky while still providing optimal absorbent properties. Ideal for rough terrain to reduce shocks and vibrations. Rough mountain bike rides, gravel rides, or long endurance rides on your road bike, gloves with full padding are a must-have. Full padding provides optimal protection against tired hands and allows maximal comfort on your rides.

HighComfort 2.0 gloves

HighComfort 2.0

The HighComfort 2.0 honors its name. One of the most comfortable summer gloves due to its ergonomically shaped and precisely placed padding. Besides, the padding is not just normal foam, but special memory foam that will take over the shapes and contours of your hand. Besides many of the other great features of this glove, the padding is the true cause that raises this glove to a whole new level of comfort.

FreeZone gloves


The FreeZone is a summer glove for rough terrain. The FreeZone provides maximal protection for your hands while the full memory foam padding provides optimal support for your hands on your handlebar. Take a good look at the shape of the padding on this glove, and how it follows the exact shapes and contours of your hands. This glove allows optimal damping of shock and vibrations and meanwhile also allows maximum freedom of movement due to its open and light design.

Medium padding

Medium padding provides sufficient protection against shock and vibrations but also allows optimal freedom of movement and a light feeling. The placement of the padding is obviously as important here as with full padding. Just like with full padding, the padding should offer support and pressure release. This type of glove is perfect for rough gravel rides, mountain bike rides or long rides on your road bike.

Pave gloves


The Pave is a very comfortable glove due to its completely seamless palm and heat-pressed padding. In the production process, the padding is pressed onto the glove with heat which allows a completely seamless palm. As explained above, the placement of the padding is just as important as with full padding. As you can see, the padding consists of three pads; the long strip over the base of the fingers, and two big pads on the left and right of the palm with an anatomical interruption in the middle. Pressure release and support at exactly the right places for a super comfortable ride.

CoolDown gloves


The Cooldown gloves' main goal is to keep your hands dry and cool in warm weather conditions. The padding of these gloves is therefore not too thick. The foam padding provides comfort while the surrounding mesh material offers ventilation. Besides the damping function of the padding, it also offers extra grip on your handlebar and thus better control over your bike. The ideal gloves for the warm summer days when padding will increase your comfort on the bike.

No padding

Gloves without padding still offer some damping against shocks and vibrations. Although the material between your hands and your handlebar is thin, it still increases the comfort of your ride. Besides, gloves without padding provide mainly grip on your handlebars. This way, you can enjoy optimal freedom of movement combined with great grip.

Course gloves


The Course does not offer extra padding, but maximum grip on your handlebars due to its special grip strips on the palm. The grip pattern follows the same shapes as where normally our padding would be, as these are the optimal areas where grip can be established. The Course provides optimal freedom of movement due to the absence of padding. A glove that even without padding, damping and comfort offers, combined with freedom of movement and grip.

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So, what do you choose?

After reading this blog, it is now up to you to make a choice. Would you like to go for full padding, medium padding, or no padding at all? Padding can increase your comfort on the bike massively. It can relieve your hands and wrists and make sure your whole body gets less tired while riding. The amount of padding you prefer is very personal. The best way to see what works for you is by simply trying them on and feel what is good for you. Take a quick look at your local BBB Cycling dealer and try the HighComfort 2.0, The Pave, the Course, or any of our other gloves!