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Give your bike the love it deserves

Maintaining your bike in tip-top condition could be a challenging task but we're here to help. The knowledge of our product developers let us provide the cycling community with World Tour proven tools. We know you can be a mechanic yourself.

Workshop tool collection

Expand your toolbox

Keeping your bike in the best shape possible is always a challenging task, but not an impossible one. With the right equipment, basic engineering knowledge and a little bit of good fortune you'll be surprised how easy it may be.

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Workshop products

  1. Workstands

    It's easier to work on your bike when it's in the air. Designed to be st…

  2. Workshop tools

    Compact cycling tools, packed with clever features which makes them easy…

  3. Tools on the road

    With the road tools from BBB Cycling you are guaranteed to be quickly on…

  4. Pumps

    By using smart features, robust materials and a unique valve system we h…

  5. Workshop
  6. Bags

    Keep your belongings safe and clean. Our cycling backpacks are available…

How to replace disc brakes?

You buy a bicycle with disc brakes because of the braking quality. But also because those brakes will last longer and cause lesser problems. But, after a while the pads in the disc brake need replacement. How do you do this yourself? And when do you need to change them?

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How to replace your disc brake pads?

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