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Maintaining your bike in tip-top condition could be a challenging task but we're here to help. The knowledge of our product developers let us provide the cycling community with World Tour proven tools. We know you can be a mechanic yourself.

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Keeping your bike in the best shape possible is always a challenging task, but not an impossible one. With the right equipment, basic engineering knowledge and a little bit of good fortune you'll be surprised how easy it may be.

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Bike fitting with Lise Visser

Are you one of those cyclists who think that saddle sore and pain are the unavoidable downsides of cycling? Get a bike fit and consider a different saddle, because there’s much to gain, says BBB ambassador Lise Visser. Most people do their bike fitting themselves, but a better one is done by real professionals. That's why we went to Robic in Amsterdam.

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How to replace disc brakes?

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How to replace your disc brake pads?

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