MTB + Carretera + Urbana /
  • Extra long floor pump
  • Accurate 2.5 Inch dual-tone pressure gauge with indicator displays both bar and psi
  • TwistHead pumphead; Unique screw-on valve system (gray/black, green/black versions) or DualHead 3.0 pumphead with thumblock lever (matt black version)
  • Ergonomic “boomerang” type handle, natural pumping position for increased pumping power
  • Steel barrel and foot for extra stability with rubber pad for floor grip and protection

Pumping on a high level!

Strike down every flat tire

General specifications

  • Presión máx. aire (Bar) 11
  • Presión máx. aire (PSI) 160
  • Válvulas compatibles Dunlop, Presta/French, Schrader/Automotive
  • Tipo de presión Alta presión
  • Material Acero
  • Telescópica Si
  • Tipo de medidor Análogo
  • Tipo de cabezal de bomba DualHead 3.0
  • Conexión de la válvula Con tubo
  • Base material Acero