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Número de modelo: BTL-185
  • Kit de reparación de neumáticos tubeless
  • Herramienta de escariado e inserción por separado
  • Incluye 6 tapones para neumáticos (3 x 1,5 mm y 3 x 3,5 mm)
  • Mango mecanizado CNC con contenedor de almacenamiento para los tapones
  • Herramienta de alta calidad y duradera hecha de aluminio y acero
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Tubeless tires have many benefits! But there is one major disadvantage of tubeless tires; if you have a flat, it is not as easy to repair as with a normal tube. That problem is completely solved now with the PuncturePlugger! A super easy and small repair kit for on the way to get go back on the bike in just a few minutes. The PuncturePlugger contains everything you need to repair a flat tubeless tire, all packed in a good-looking CNC machined storage container/handle which is lightweight and compact. The PuncturePlugger will get every tubeless rider back on the road.

PuncturePlugger PuncturePlugger
PuncturePlugger PuncturePlugger


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