AutoTank XL

MTB + Carretera + Urbana /
  • Bottle with special AutoClose valve, always open and still closed on the bike
  • Easy drinking, no spills on the bike, lockable when needed
  • Dishwasher safe and BPA free polypropylene (PP) material

AutoTank XL / Water Bottle

Easy to use, easy to store
The AutoTank XL is just like our CompTank a classic, but with an upgrade that makes this bottle even better! 750 ml of refreshment is available in this still compact bottle. The AutoClose valve is super easy to use and gives a big opening while drinking so you can drink fast and as much as you want. The bottle is easy to wash and can even be placed in the dishwasher. No spills, yet always access to your precious water.
AutoTank XL
AutoTank XL


  • Colores Transparente, Negro, Amarillo neón, Blanco, Rayas negro/rojo
  • Material PP
  • Sin BPA Si
  • Sistema de cierre de la tapa Giro
  • Se puede lavar en el lavavajillas Si
  • Volumen del bote 750 ml / 26.4 oz
  • Inodoro e insípido Si
  • Válvula AutoClose
  • Volume (ml) 750