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    A cycling shirt or jersey is essential for your appearance on the bike but also contributes to your comfort during the ride. A good jersey should not only look good, but it should also be functional. This starts with the fit, which makes the shirt fit your body well. But it also comes back in things like the use of elastic materials, temperature regulation, and aerodynamics. We have jerseys with short sleeves or long sleeves for cycling in the middle of summer to the beginning of winter when it gets colder outside. You can find more information about our cycling jerseys in our buyer's guide.

    Which cycling shirt is right for me?

    There are different types of cycling jerseys that can be best differentiated by their fit. For the real fanatics, there are the shirts with a sport fit that feels like a second skin and provides as little air resistance as possible. For the cyclist who wants to have a little more freedom of movement in their shirt, we have jerseys with a regular fit that also fits well to the body, but is less tight. Ideal for the recreational cyclist or for training. For mountain bikers comfort is more important, so we have jerseys that are wider around the body and give more freedom of movement.

    Short or long sleeves?

    Even when it gets colder, you still want to cycle outside, but in these circumstances, a short sleeve jersey will no longer suffice. In this case, you can combine the jersey with arm warmers or warmer underwear. But when the days are really cold, a long-sleeve jersey is no superfluous luxury. Made of materials that are also more resistant to cold, wind, and rain.