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    Your cycling outfit is not complete without good underwear. You want to use all your energy to cycle as hard and as far as possible. Therefore, it is important that your body does not have to work hard to cool down or warm up during your ride. Underwear is crucial for this. In summer it helps to keep your body dry and at the right temperature, it has a cooling effect. In the winter, thermo underwear will help to keep the body from cooling down too much during your ride. Read more about our underwear in the buyer's guide.

    Why do you wear underwear?

    Cycling underwear is also called base layer and with good reason. It actually forms the base of your outfit. Underwear is characterized by the fact that it helps your body to get rid of perspiration during an effort. This keeps the skin dry and you can continue to cycle comfortably. An undershirt is always tightly connected to the skin to be as functional as possible. Summer underwear is made of lightweight material that cools the body and winter underwear is characterized by properties that keep the body warm and of course the long sleeves.

    When to use cycling underwear?

    For cyclists, underwear consists not only of undershirts but also shorts. This cycling underwear has a chamois (or padding) which contributes to the comfort while cycling. You can use cycling underwear during cycling trips where you wear normal trousers. This way, you will experience more comfort. But it is also possible to wear cycling underwear under a more sporty outfit that does not have a chamois.

    What is thermal clothing for?

    We have thermal clothing for your outdoor rides in the winter. Because during a winter bike ride, it is crucial to keep your upper body comfortable and warm as well. Thermal clothing is designed to regulate body temperature and keep your upper body nice and warm during a bike ride. The clothing works best under a windproof shirt or jacket and ensures that you are not caught out by the cold on an autumn or winter bike ride.