Patron i6

VTT + Route + Ville /
  • Transformez votre iPhone 6 en compteur de vélo haut de gamme
  • Toutes les fonctions de l’Iphone sont opérationnelles.
  • Design co-moulé pour une protection optimale

Patron i6 / Phone Mount

Montez votre iPhone 6 sur votre vélo
Offcourse you can buy a bike-computer for your bike, but you can also just turn your own phone into the most high end bike computer! The Patron allows you to attach your phone to your bike and use all the possibilities of your phone to make your ride epic! Your phone can be placed easily and quickely into the co-molded case, that makes a super secure placement onto your bike. get all the possibilities you deserve and make that next ride great!


  • Emplacement de montage Capuchon supérieur, Tige, Guidon
  • Matières Polypropylene, TPU
  • Compatible(s avec) BBB Phone Mounts