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Sitting properly with our BBB saddles


Name: Tjerk Bakker, Product developper BBB Cycling

Age: 27

Nationality: Dutch

Bikes: Cannondale CAAD10, Cube SL Road, Cube LTD 29’er, 25 year old Jan Jansen race bike, old school Gazelle city bike, Giant Halfway folding bike

New in 2016 is a special tool of BBB to help you select one of the most personal accessories on your bike, a saddle. With our developed saddle poster it’s easier to look up the best suitable saddle for your cycling needs.

Selecting a saddle is very personal, but there are still some fundamental basics we can give you to make life easier on selecting a saddle. For example, somebody who takes his city bike to get the groceries every day needs a very different saddle opposed to someone who races his bike during the weekends. There is a big story behind this saddle poster about how we do our research to develop the best, comfortable and proper priced saddles. We do all this work at our headquarters in the Dutch city of Leiden. In this blog we are giving you a sneak peek behind the scenes of saddle development and take you into a world of sit bone measurement, padding and intensive research.



What choices do you have?

Whether it’s mountainbiking, road biking or city biking, we have specific saddles for each category. Nearly every cyclist will be able to select a saddle of his or her choice. For example, take our newest Path saddle. It’s developed with specific attention to the needs of a mountainbiker. With its special shape you are able to stay in a sweet spot during climbing and descending and there is plenty of freedom of movement thanks to its round and narrow shape at the back. Every category of cycling demands its own specific needs. By running through a selection of stadia on the saddle poster you narrow down the choices you have in our collection and in the end you will pick a saddle that suits best to your needs. This way the only thing you have to do is pick a saddle which you think looks good and has a proper price. Because in each category we have various price options. Therefore each cyclist can find a saddle that’s best suited for his or her needs, but you never have to break the bank. Choices can be made between hardcore race saddles with carbon rails or with a steel alloy. By producing saddles with different materials it’s possible to find a saddle for true weight weenies, but for a fresh beginner as well. What’s true for every saddle, whether it’s a high end or a more basic one, is that every BBB saddle is the result of extensive research and development and each and every saddle has a specific idea to it.



Saddle selection

When we go deeper into selecting a saddle, product developer of BBB, Tjerk Bakker, likes to take us into the world of developing saddles. “At BBB we did extensive research to the factors that determine the comfort of a saddle. We did various tests with test persons in a lab where we performed measurements of pressure points. Because we want to improve saddles and give cyclists a better advice in what saddle to choose we’d take a close look at the results of these tests. The main outcome was that there are a lot of factors that determine the comfort of a saddle and these factors are all connected to each other”, according to Tjerk.


Developing a saddle that suits almost all the needs of each person is a very complex case. Selecting is perhaps even more complex and no matter how many factors you keep in mind, it’s still very personal. But to help our customers as best as possible we chose to develop our saddles around the factors that we think determine the comfort the most. Those factors were kept in mind during the sketching, developing and production of the various saddles in our range and the saddle poster helps you to select the saddle that best suits you, with these factors in mind. Tjerk tells us more about the factors that were central in developing our saddles: “Out of the results of all the extensive research we chose the factors for developing a saddle that we think are decisive in determining the comfort. We created the saddle poster around those factors. So on the poster you first will have to decide what type of cyclist you are and what your position on the bike is. Phase two is selecting your gender and after that you have to fill in your sit bone measurement and select how much padding you will need.”


When you’re looking for a saddle in the more sportive category, the first step is to measure your sit bone distance. Therefore we’ve developed a simple but effective tool to determine this distance that can be found at a dealership of BBB. The measurement is quick and easy and the outcome is being used by the dealer in the selection process. At the end of the selection phase you will have a small range of saddles to choose from. Which one you will pick depends on looks, choice of materials, padding and price. When you’re looking for a saddle for your city or tour bike there is one final question. Are you having trouble with saddle-soreness?

Saddle card_outline


PLUS Concept

“Saddle-soreness is one of the most occurring problems among cyclists. A numb feeling and damaged skin in the perineal area and soreness at the tail bone. More than sufficient signals for us to develop a specific saddle category for this group of cyclists”, explains Tjerk. A big challenge, because this group of cyclists is, understandably, very demanding. BBB saddles in this PLUS category need to prevent saddle-soreness. “Two saddles are the result of this development”, explains Tjerk, “the ComfortPLUS and the ComfortPLUSXL.” Because of the unique shape and balanced padding, this saddle pulls away the pressure from the places that causes most troubles for people with saddle-soreness. Each and every saddle in the PLUS category is optimized for each cycling posture, taking into account the ever changing pressure on the saddle and the changing angle of the pelvis. Factors that are determining the comfort of a saddle and that are essential in preventing saddle-soreness. PLUS saddles of BBB are the answer to saddle-soreness.


Download now the complete overview of BBB saddles, including an overview of all the categories, postures, saddle widths and padding levels.