And the winner is – CO2 Blaster

CO2 Blaster minipump wins Packmass award


Name: Vincent Jol, product manager BBB

Age: 29

Nationality: Dutch

Bikes: One of a kind "Vincento" road bike

The German magazine Land der Berge awarded the CO2Blaster with the Packmass award. The minipump took this victory thanks to its unique compact design, low weight and complete concept with three valve options and two ways of pumping up a tire.

The CO2Blaster uses conventional air or a CO2 cartridge. According to the test editor of the CO2Blaster this mini pump is a true jack-of-all-trades. To celebrate this award we give you an insight in the world behind the scenes of the development of new awardwinning pumps. We meet up with our productmanager of the pumps, Vincent Jol, who talks about the challenges developing the ultimate mini pump and gives us a sneak peek what to expect in 2017 at BBB.

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– Vincent, describe your part within BBB for the development of new pumps.

V: I’m a product developer and product manager at the same time of this particular product group, in contrast to the sports glasses for example where I’m only the product manager. As a developer and manager at the same time I’m responsible for bringing new innovative products in this group each year. Together with the complete team of developers we always look at new possibilities for each product group, with for myself, the main focus on pumps. At BBB we always work together, that means the development of new products always takes place in good cooperation with other developers. We believe you come to the best product that way. Winning this awards proofs we’re heading in the right direction as a team and with all the competition of the several brands in the market it’s great to receive an award like this!

– How did you start as a developer and manager at the same time at BBB? Was it something you already looked for during your study?

V: When I was in highschool I knew that I wanted to do something with the development of products. That time I worked in a local bike shop because cycling was my passion from when I was a young kid. After my highschool I went to college to get my degree in Industrial Product design and after an internship of 6 months at BBB Cycling I was able to get a job here. One of the first projects for me during that internship was the development of a completely new line of mini pumps. Now almost 7 years later I still work at the company and am still working on new pumps.

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– What are the most important things to take into account when developing a new pump and is there a difference between a mini pump and floorpump?

V: For both productsgroups two main things are the most important, ergonomics and design. That’s because big forces have to be unleashed when inflating a tire. When a pump doesn’t fit well in your hand or isn’t stable on the floor, inflating a tire will become much more difficult. Besides that, performance and durability are very important as well. What you want from a proper pump is efficiency with as less pressure or resistance as possible, but a pump has to keep working over the years as well. And there’s no difference in a mini pump or floorpump on those features.

– The CO2Blaster won an award for the best compact mini pump. Is that the main feature of this pump?

V: The most important feature of this pump is mainly the 2-in-1 function. You can inflate a tire on the more conventional way by using the handle, but you have the opportunity of using a CO2 cartridge as well. The good extra on this pump is that those features are combined in an extremely compact product. The best thing about the CO2Blaster is that you never run out of air anymore. When you’re in such bad luck that you run out of CO2 cartridges, you still have the option of inflating your tire in the more conventional way.

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– Seems like a rather special technique that’s hidden inside the pump to make this 2-in-1 mode possible.

V: That’s right, on the inside there’s a special switch for the valve that’s developed especially for this pump. This switch notices when it has to pass on the air from the CO2 cartridge or from the conventional handle. There’s nothing you have to install for this function, it just works on its own. An exceptionally easy to use pump with high functionality, the best combination you can have actually.

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– Is there a certain trend in the cycling community that tends toward the use of CO2 cartridges?

V: In the MTB world it is used a lot already over a longer period, but in the road scene more and more people are using it as well. The biggest advantage of a cartridge is the exceptionally low weight and time you have to spend to get your tire to 8 bar. That’s so fast, inflating a tire on the conventional way will never match up with a cartridge. Two disadvantages are the damage to the environment and of course the problem of running out of cartridges though. That’s where the CO2Blaster comes in handy. You’ll never run out of air again. In my opinion this is the best mini pump out there when you want to use CO2 cartridges. I use it a lot myself actually!

– What’s happening right now in the world of pumps? Are there any interesting things about to happen at BBB with this productgroup?

V: The pumps that win most of the popularity are the digital pumps, but up until now they’re very expensive. With BBB we offer a far more affordable digital option in 2017, which will be released on Eurobike this year. Besides that we developed an astonishing mini pump in a wide range of anodized colors and equipped with all sorts of handy systems. Keep an eye out for these pumps next year…

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To celebrate the new award of the CO2Blaster we are giving away three of these unique pumps. Just give us an answer on the next question: how long will it take to inflate a race tire to 8 bar with a CO2 cartridge? #andthewinneris #CO2Blaster #bbbcycling #giveaway