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Name: Sander Bennink, Product Manager BBB Cycling

Age: 28

Nationality: Dutch

Bikes: Sensa Calabria, Giant TCX and Bulls King Cobra 29’er

We have a new award winner! The UltraWear shoecovers were rated as ‘Testsieger’ in the German mountainbike magazine Bike. Among a fierce competition our shoecovers were awarded for the extremely good protection against water and the sublime fit on each shoe. “Easy to put on thanks to the flexible neoprene and water is being blocked out superbly”, according to the test editor Stefan Frey.

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Obviously you want to learn a lot more about these fantastic shoecovers. Because what research and development is behind an awarded product like this? To find out, we are interviewing our product manager of clothing Sander Bennink about the world behind the shoecovers. We are welcoming you to high tech neoprene, glued seams and the essentials of a waterproof piece of clothing. Let’s find out what makes the UltraWear that good.

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– Sander, as the product manager of clothing inside BBB Cycling, why is it that our shoecovers win so many awards?

“More than 15 years ago, shoecovers was one the first product categories of BBB. In these 15 years we were able to improve the shoecovers to the absolute top. For example, we are still improving the materials used to this day. During the development of new shoecovers we are testing them in a very early state on the bike. Here in The Netherlands, we have the perfect conditions to test whether shoecovers are waterproof. Due to this early testing we are able to develop the shoecovers to perfection.”

– The UltraWear won the Testsieger Award for the ultimate protection against water and the perfect fit. Are those features specific for the UltraWear or is it typically for more shoecovers of BBB?

“The fact that the UltraWear shoecovers won this test is mainly because of the used neoprene. This material protects extremely well against cold and wet weather. Besides that, it is extremely elastic. Therefore these shoecovers fit perfectly around each type of shoe, whether it’s a racing shoe or more bulky mountainbike shoe. The durable YKK zip and the special Kevlar protection around the vulnerable areas makes the UltraWear a very sturdy shoecover. The seams are stitched from inside and are glued together on the outside. This way water has no chance of slipping through the seams.

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– Where does the UltraWear stand in the range of BBB and what conditions is it best suited for?

“The UltraWear is one of our thickest neoprene shoecovers with a polyurethane coating on top of it. Therefore it keeps water and wind outside, making it ideal for cycling in the most extreme winter conditions. Mud and debris stand no chance. It just doesn’t stick on this shoecover thanks to the special coating.”

– Who would you recommend the UltraWear?

“I would recommend the UltraWear shoecovers to anybody who wants to keep their feet dry and warm. Whether you’re a mountainbiker, road racer of commuter, the UltraWear is suited for almost every cycling shoe thanks to the ergonomic design. Thanks to the open bottom of the shoecover it’s easy to pull over your shoes and due to this feature it’s also useful as a shoecover for skates or skeelers.”

– Are there any revolutionary or important developments going on in the development of shoecovers and what can we recognize of these developments in the UltraWear?

“The development of neoprene is taking place on an extremely high pace. Neoprene gets thinner and thinner without compromising the protection against water and wind. The most important result is an extremely improved freedom of movement. The way different panels are stitched together improves as well. Stitched seams are still very sensitive for water. Therefore we stitch the seams of our UltraWear from inside and glue the outside seams. Due to this technique there are no stitched seams visible on the ouside of the shoecover. Apart from that, we are currently testing neoprene material with breathable features. This could be very useful with our neoprene gloves.”

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– What does a shoecover stand out according to BBB in 2016?

At first, a shoecover obviously needs to keep your feet dry and clean. Apart from this, they have to fit comfortable and don’t compromise your freedom of movement. High visibility is important as well, shoecovers are being used mainly in grey and darker weather. The constant motion of your feet help to attract the attention in traffic, therefore our shoecovers are fitted with reflecting prints. And last but not least, the durability of a product must be outstanding as well in our opinion.”

We have a new award winner among us! The UltraWear shoecovers were awarded by the German mountainbike magazin Bike and…

Posted by BBB Cycling on Wednesday, February 10, 2016