What is the best lights bundle for a bicycle light?

Bicycle lights explained

It’s necessary to pick up a bicycle light when you leave home for riding in the dark. But which bicycle light is the best? In a series of 3 blogs we take you into the world of bicycle lights. In this blog we explain all about the lights bundle of a bicycle light.

There are three ways to shape the lights bundle of a bicycle light. We can use the classic reflector, a lens and a modern reflector. Below we’ll explain the differences.

BBB Cycling lights bundle mtb

What is a classic reflector?

With a classic reflector there’s not so much control over the light. Basically, the LED directly shines to the outside, only the light that shines to the sides is being affected by the mirror. This produces a lot of rings in the bundle and a bright hotspot, also called the ‘center’. This type of reflection is only used in the low end range of the market.

BBB - Classic reflector of bicycle light

What is a lens?

The best way to create a round bundle is to use a lens. The main advantage of lenses is that all the light from a LED can be controlled. This creates a beautiful grading or an extremely bright hotspot.

BBB - Lens of a bicycle light

What is a modern reflector?

When using a modern reflector, the LED is horizontally placed, shining directly on the mirror. This way there’s maximum control over the bundle. Mainly lights which are StVZO approved has to be developed in this way, because of the complex bundle that has to be produced. The main disadvantage is the loss of a lot of light when using this type of reflector.

BBB - Modern reflector of a bicycle light

The Swat headlight (BLS-105K)

Taking a closer look at one of the lights from our range with a modern reflector, we can see clearly two bundles. The Swat BLS-105K has a bundle right in front of the wheel and one further in front of the rider. The bundle in the distance is broad and the amount of light is as equally divided over the bundle as possible. This way we created a functional bundle, but the amount of lumen and lux is not comparable with a round bundle.
Below video tells you all about our Swat headlight.