Everybody needs some air after Christmas!

Win a Combipack S

With the start of December we already approach the holidays. And with the festivities of Christmas we have the perfect offer for our customers. During the period between December 15th and January 31st we have a special floorpump action.

What does it mean and what’s in it for you? It’s actually quite simple. When buying any BBB floorpump during this period, you have a chance on winning a BSB-51 Combipack S set. The only thing you have to do, is filling in a special flyer, which is available at the participating BBB dealers. Drop the flyer in the box of our floorpump action and wait till January 31st. After the action period your local BBB dealer contacts the people who won the Combipack S. Are you the lucky winner? You can collect your price at the dealership you bought your BBB floorpump.

Choose your country below to see which local dealers joined the floorpump action:



To give you an idea what floorpumps you could buy to participate in this action and to give you some input for Christmas, we highlight two floorpumps which are the favourites of Vincent Jol, product manager of floorpumps:

The Airstrike DGT, makes inflating your tire the easiest thing you’ve ever done

“Our very first digital floorpump is a true masterpiece, the Airstrike DGT (BFP-26). The bright digital display has a blue backlight function, which lights up the moment you activate the pump. The Twisthead pumphead with air release function fits both Presta and Schräder. Or do you use a Dunlop valve? Not a problem whatsoever. It fits them all. Whether you like to pump in bar or psi, the display shows both. The ergonomic boomerang handle fit right in your hand and gives a strong grip. And the long steel barrel makes inflating your tire the easiest thing you’ve ever done.” – Vincent Jol

The Aircontrol, a true piece of art in every garage

“Of course we have the Airblaster (BFP-31), which is the true flagship of our floorpumps with its fully aluminum design. But personally I like the Aircontrol (BFP-35) as much, maybe even more… The stylish matte black finish of the aluminum gives this floorpump some sort of a stealth look which I very much like. Together with the wooden handle, this pump is a true piece of art in every garage, maybe even at home if you store your beloved bike in your room. And the pump itself is not a pure beauty only. The long aluminum barrel lets you inflate your tires up to a maximum of 14 bar or 200 psi. Displayed at the analogue pressure gauge. Stylish, old school and pure functional. But with a stylish finish. As you may notice, I’m a fan. This could be the perfect present for your cycling buddy.” – Vincent Jol