Rio Round-Up – Paralympics

Jetze Plat brings back the gold (and bronze)

After almost 8 weeks from home, Dutch handbiker Jetze Plat, just returned home from his incredible trip to the 2016 Paralympics of Rio, Brazil. Yesterday he attended the official ceremony in The Hague where he and his fellow Paralympic team members were honoured. After the ceremony the athletes payed a visit to the Dutch king Willem-Alexander.

Jetze brings back home two medals, a bronze one for the handbike road race and a gold one on the triathlon. It was an extremely tough event for the young Dutch handbiker, but with winning these two medals he’s very proud of the result. In preparation of the Paralympics Jetze assured himself of the best material possible. There was a very special, high-end carbon handbike made fully on the size of his body. “The seat is fully shaped to my butt, I’m completely one with my bike”, Jetze explains. With a faster handbike than ever, Jetze received the aerodynamic Tithon helmet  in a unique custom design to accompany him on his quest to be the fastest road racer and triathlete in Rio. He succeeded extremely well in his task, winning the gold medal on the paratriathlon with great power over the other competitors.

A few days later he competed in the road race for handbikers, where he hoped to win another medal. After a hard race it all came down to the last corner, where Jetze couldn’t place himself in a good position to battle for the best spots, but still managed to race to the third spot, winning a second medal in Rio, the bronze one on the handbiker road race. “I missed a bit of power to accelerate out of the corner in a proper way. I was just totally wasted after such a hard race, but with already the gold medal in the triathlon, I’m really happy with a medal in this sport as well. There’s a very high level of performance in this field of athletes and I didn’t make any mistake during the race. Everyone was racing close, I attacked once, but never got the chance of getting rid of the rest of the racers. So I saved and saved and saved until the last corner. Luckily I was still strong enough to win this bronze medal”, according to Jetze after his handbike race.





Tuesday the Dutch athletes of the Paralympics returned home and Jetze was honoured by prime minister Mark Rutte during a special ceremony in The Hague.