Weekend Round-Up – Week 33

Geniez wins stage 3 of La Vuelta

It was a weekend of mountainbiking in Brazil for Yana Belomoina, Rudi van Houts and Grant Ferguson and of the start of the Vuelta in Spain. In the meantime our Wanty Groupe Gobert riders were active in Belgium, where they rode in the Grand Prix Jef Scherens.

In the Vuelta the riders of FDJ started of a good race. After stage 2 it was Laurent Pichon who was presenting himself as the best rider uphill, resulting in leading the mountain classification. With a brutal and steep uphill finish in yesterday’s Vuelta stage, it was BBB rider Alexandre Geniez who took a triple in Dumbría, Spain. Not only did he win the stage, he took the mountain and green jersey as well. As they are roommates, the view after this stage was pretty unique, because Alexandre took over the polka dot jersey from his mate Pichon. Alexandre attacked on the foot of the climb and finished solo in front of strong riders as Valverde, Froome and Quintana. Today he will start in the polka dot jersey, which will be the second consecutive day we see a FDJ rider in the blue polka dots.

Pichon gives it all to take the polka dot jersey in stage 2.

A well deserved celebration for Alexandre Geniez in slow motion.

This is what a hotel room looks like after a teammate takes over the jerseys from his roomy.


Claeys takes the win!

During a fearsome battle in the western part of Belgium, it was Dimitri Claeys of Wanty who crossed the finish first, winning the the GP Jef Scherens for the first time in his career and completing a consecutive win for Wanty in this race. Last year they won this race with Frederik Backaert and Dimitri Claeys finishing second that year. “It was the best race of this year for me”, according to Dimitri, “after my second place last year I once again proof that this race suits me well.” And that’s one thing that’s for sure.

Zalig gevoel om solo te winnen 😊 #gpscherens

Een foto die is geplaatst door Dimitri Claeys (@dimiclaeys) op


Grant and Yana in Brazil

Our mountainbikers did a great job in Brazil. It was the first time for youngster Grant Ferguson on this world podium and he managed to finish at a top-20 spot, finding himself on the 17th spot. Not bad for a rider who came to Brazil with the thought of: “having fun and see what this journey can bring for me.” His female team member of the CST-Superior Brentjens MTB Racing Team, Yana Belomoina, finished 9th and completing her ambition of finishing top-10. Of course she hoped for more, as always, but she can be very proud of this result in a race that was hard from start to finish.

Finish line 🏁#olympics #riodejaneiro #rio #ukraine #brazil

Een foto die is geplaatst door Yana🇺🇦 (@yanabelomoina) op

Yana sprints to ninth place in front of Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjaa from Norway and is already looking forward to Tokyo.

Grant with his family after finishing 17th in the Brazilian XC race.