Weekend Round-Up – Week 22

Battle of La Bresse

Round three of the XC World Cup mountainbiking was visiting La Douce France. The action was going on in La Bresse this time where the rain had found its way towards the slopes of the XC course.

The results? An extremely slippery course where riders were feeling pretty nasty circumstances to ride in. The maximum amount of concentration was asked and the guys and girls of the CST-Superior Brentjens MTB Racing team succeeded in this in the best possible way. After an exhausting race it was Sebastian Fini who finished 6th in the U23 category. An amazing result for the youngster of the team. In the elite race it was Rudi van Houts who surprised with a 36th place. Allthough not completely satisfied, Rudi still managed to finish this race among the top riders after a terrible incident earlier this month where he crashed his teeth at a racing incident.

An exhausted an mud covered Sebastian Fini finished 6th in the Battle of La Bresse.

The womens race was dominated again by the strong Swiss lady Jolanda Neff. She managed to win the Battle of La Bresse, but not far behind finished Yana Belomoina on the 13th spot. An incredible result by the young Ukrainian XC star and the leader in the UCI ranking for women. After all it was an epic XC weekend again and all the more reason to enjoy these pictures of the raceweekend.

A focused Yana before the start of the womens race.

Yana after the race, covered in mud.

Mud, mud and mud. It was a tough one last weekend in France.


Jetze Plat European Champion triathlon

In a weekend full of mountainbike action there was some other big action going on as well. And we were not unsuccessful either, to say the least. Jetze Plat became European Champion triathlon in Portugal. In the capitol of Portugal, Jetze took his third European title and maybe even more important, the maximum points he needs for his road to Rio. Big congrats go out to Jetze, well done!

This is how a European Champion triathlete looks like! Congrats Jetze.


Raphaela Richter rises again!

The young German superstar of enduro racing was the hero of the Willingen Bike Festival in Germany last weekend. In the SRAM Enduro Series she raced to victory in 6 stages and took the first sport overall in a brutal dominance. A true cannibal in enduro racing. Raphaela was very happy with the win afterwards: “From stage to stage i felt more confident with the Slide 140 and the tricky conditions. I found myself a good flow, and did not crash. So happy with the win, bring on the upcoming EWS races!”

Teammanager Joost Wichman himself competed in the Pump Battle Series on Friday night where he managed to take the bronze medal. A very successful weekend for this winning teammanager you could say the least!

Tomorrow @pumpbattle Series Willingen

Een foto die is geplaatst door Joost Wichman (@joostwichman) op

Getting the green beast ready for fridays @pumpbattle during the Willingen BIKE festival’ @radonbikes @bbbcycling

Een foto die is geplaatst door Joost Wichman (@joostwichman) op