MTB + Шоссейных + Городских /
  • Compact floor pump
  • Accurate 2.5 Inch dual-tone pressure gauge with indicator displays both bar and psi
  • Ergonomic “boomerang” type handle, natural pumping position for increased pumping power
  • 70 cm high pressure rubber hose

Airwave / Floorpump

Комфортный, лёгкий и компактный напольный насос
Take your Airwave everywhere with you. The lightweight and compact design makes it easy to carry your Airwave. But don't hesitate, the AirWave is strong, easy to use, and due to the pressure gauge super accurate. Up to 9 bar and 130 psi the pressure gauge will show you an accurate pressure. The thumblock dualhead pumphead makes it easy and simple to attach your valve and the boomerang handle makes pumping even comfortable.

General Specifications

  • Цвета черный
  • Макс. давление (Bar) 9
  • Макс. давление (PSI) 130
  • Совместимые ниппели Dunlop, Presta/French, Schrader/Automotive
  • Давление Высокое давление
  • Материал Композит
  • Телескопическая конструкция да
  • Тип манометра Аналоговый
  • Головка насоса DualHead 3.0
  • Тип соединения Со шлангом
  • Base material Композит
  • Height (cm) 620