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Джеймс Ширли

Джеймс Ширли

Маунтинбайкер и амбассадор BBB Джеймс Ширли предпочитает MaraTour для своих приключений.



С этим рюкзаком ваши ценные вещи останутся сухими - он водонепроницаемый.


  • Ergonomically designed back padding for proper ventilation and comfort.
  • Easy- and quick-to-reach side pockets.
  • Large central compartment as well as a small compartment with organizer.
  • Soft touch pocket for your precious belongings.
  • Special elastic loop for you minipump, keeping it straight.
  • Padded shoulder and waist band for optimal comfort.
  • Rugged lower compartment to catch the dirt and water.
  • No flat bottom in the main compartment makes for a beautifull fit when in cycling position.
  • Outer elastic webbing for quick-access/stashing of your jacket or vest.
  • Dual function side straps; Tighten the backpack and mount your helmet when not riding.
  • Объем (см3): 12000.
  • Высота x Ширина x Длина (мм): 130 x 240 x 480.
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