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  • High-volume carrier rack bag
  • Large storage compartment with protection foam inner lining
  • Two side compartments with expanding pannier side pouches
  • Four velcro straps to secure the bag to the rack, cannot move forwards or sideways
  • Adjustable shoulder strap which can be removed

TrunkPack / Bag

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The possibilities are endless! The TrunkPack contains so much space that you can take everything you need on your next ride. The expandable storage compartment can be filled with food, maps, extra clothing, tools or whatever else you think you need on your ride. Even after your ride is the TrunkPack your friend, the shoulderstrap allows you to carry the TrunkPack easy with you. Click him back on your bike and you are ready to go again!


  • Цвета черный
  • ??????? Универсальный
  • Материал сумки Нейлон, Полиэстр, Тарпаулин
  • Расположение сумки Багажник
  • Серия Bike packing
  • Система закрывания Молния
  • Крепление для фонаря да
  • Тип крепления Велькро
  • Светоотражающие вставки да
  • Плечевой ремень в комплекте да
  • Водоотталкивание да
  • Тип сумки Bike packing, Trekking bag
  • Объем (3) 11500
  • Height (cm) 2.1
  • Width (cm) 1.6
  • Длина () 360