Seat SideKick

MTB + Шоссейных + Гравий /
  • Lightweight Nylon seat harness with weatherproof carry bag
  • Easily mounts to saddle rails & seatpost
  • Single quick release buckle for carry bag, leaving the harness perfectly attached
  • Durable, easy-to-clean bottom. Also serves as a mudguard

Seat SideKick / Bag

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A saddle bag that is evolved to its maximum capability. The Seat SideKick is a saddlebag you can't miss on your next adventure. Carry your clothes, food or even a tent on this saddlebag. The inside weatherproof bag can be taken off seperatly and you can leave the heavy duty harness attached to your bike. With the clips you can close the whole bag secure so that you can go on with your adventure!
Seat SideKick
Seat SideKick


  • Цвета черный
  • ??????? Универсальный (450g)
  • Водонепроницаемость да
  • Материал сумки Нейлон, Полиэстр, Тарпаулин
  • Расположение сумки Седло
  • Серия Bike packing
  • Система закрывания Бакля, Складной механизм
  • Компрессия да
  • Тип крепления Ремень, Велькро
  • Быстросъёмная конструкция да
  • Светоотражающие вставки да
  • Плечевой ремень в комплекте да
  • Водоотталкивание да
  • Тип сумки Bike packing
  • Объем (3) 10000
  • Height (cm) 16
  • Width (cm) 16
  • Длина () 440