MTB + Шоссейных + Городских /
  • Bag specifically designed to mount on the top tube
  • Angled front for alignment with stem and headset
  • Velcro top access for easy entry
  • Large compartment to store energy bars, wallet, keys etc.
  • With two mesh pockets inside, a hook for your keys and a cable entry

FuelPack / Bag

Держите всё самое необходимое на верхней трубе
Fuel yourself while cycling, you never have to stop, you can recharge while pedaling. The Fuelpack can be completely filled with bars, candy and cookies, or some more healthy and nutritious items such as an energy bar, your wallet, a card, etc. The transparent compartment on top allows you to view your card at any time, and the main compartment can be filled with whatever you want. All together in the aerodynamically shaped FuelPack.


  • Цвета черный
  • ??????? Универсальный
  • Материал сумки Нейлон, Полиэстр, Тарпаулин
  • Расположение сумки Верхняя труба
  • Серия Toptank
  • Система закрывания Молния
  • Тип крепления Фиксированные, Велькро
  • Быстросъёмная конструкция да
  • Светоотражающие вставки да
  • Водоотталкивание да
  • Тип сумки Bike packing
  • Объем (3) 550
  • Height (cm) 8
  • Width (cm) 5.5
  • Длина () 200