Guardian L

MTB + Шоссейных + Городских /
  • Максимальный размер телефона, Ширина х Длина (мм): 80 x 158.
  • Touch screen compatibel
  • Water resistant housing for protection during wet weather conditions
Guardian L /
Koop opties
Koop opties


  • Universal pouch for your smartphone. (phone not included)
  • Touch screen compatibel.
  • Water resistant housing for protection during rainy days.
  • Rigid inner board for added stiffness and stability.
  • Separate padding to provide tight fit with smaller phones.
  • Camera viewing option.
  • Adjustable viewing angle for optimal viewing or filming.
  • Mountable on stem and handlebar with included BSM-91 PhoneFix.
  • Mountable on headcap with included BSM-92 SpacerFix.
  • Совместимость: Универсальная.
  • Mounting location: Руль, Вынос, Верхняя крышка.
  • Совместимость с: BBB Phone Mounts.
  • Вес (г): 50.