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    Shorts and Tights

    For your comfort on the bicycle, good cycling shorts are essential, especially for longer rides. Your cycling shorts with chamois, or padding, make sure that you have a pleasant feeling on your bike. But cycling shorts also need to have a good fit and may certainly not slide down, which is why they are often equipped with braces. So there is certainly a wide choice of cycling shorts, for example, short ones (bib-shorts) for in the summer and bib-tights for in the winter. Read more about our shorts and tights in our buyer's guide.

    Why is a padding important?

    The chamois or padding is indispensable in cycling shorts. This part of the shorts determines whether you are still comfortable and can ride pain-free after hours on the bike. It is like a cushion between your bottom and the hard bicycle saddle. There are many variants of padding, all of which are intended for shorter or proper longer rides. One thing is for sure, without padding you will in no time suffer from bottom pain while cycling. Want to know more about our types of padding? Then read on here.

    Why are there braces on your cycling shorts?

    Braces or no braces on your cycling shorts? Many cyclists opt for cycling shorts with braces, because they ensure that the shorts always stay in place. This is especially good for the chamois in the shorts, which lose its strength if it starts to slip. A shifting chamois leads to irritation and nobody wants that.

    Long tights or cycling shorts?

    This is actually not a choice. Every cyclist needs cycling shorts. But fanatics who cycle outdoors all year round definitely need bib-tights as well. When it gets colder, shorts combined with leg warmers go a long way. But for the real winter rides, you are better off with bib-tights. Made of brushed fabric on the inside that insulates. On the outside, there are water-repellent and wind repellent layers, so you won't get cold on your bike.