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We are BBB Cycling

We are BBB cycling and you might have seen us cycling around. Whether you go climbing, gravel riding, racing, touring, mountain biking or use your bike to get around town: we are there with you. Sometimes in plain sight, sometimes more in the background.

Our well-thought-through parts, clothing, accessories, and tools are made for cyclists all over the world. With that typical down-to-earth Dutch view, we design products that make your ride more fun, safer or faster. Handy and smart details that work, in the real world, those are things that make us happy.

As we are cyclists ourselves, we know what it's like to ride your bike to work through all kinds of weather, improve that personal best or ride further than you ever did. At these moments you have to be able to rely on your gear and they just have to work, right?

And almost every cyclist has a BBB product somewhere. A handy pump, that trusty water bottle, smart lamp, or maybe your helmet. Or when you sometimes tinker with your bicycle, chances are you use a BBB tool at times.

Because we may not say it out loud often, but for many cyclists, we are an indispensable part of every ride.

Big ring rider or bunch sprinter? Whatever kind of cyclist you are, BBB Cycling is proud to be ‘part of your ride.’

5 values we live, work and dream by

The 5 brand values are what define us and drive us day in and day out to work hard for our brand. They are the guiding principles that shape every aspect from developing new products to sponsorships. These 5 values show who we are, what we do, and how we do it.