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You can find a lot of information in our manuals. For example, you can consult the manual to see how to assemble or operate a product. But even we know that not everyone reads our manuals. And when you do open them, does the information stick? Exactly!

That's why we make it even easier for you with our video manuals in the 'Watch That Manual!' series. In it, master mechanic and ultra-distance bikepacker Bas Rotgans shows you exactly what to do, and especially what not to do, to your bike. All with the help of our products. Handy, right? So feel free to take a look at the manuals below. Don't feel like reading? Then see if one of our videos can help you.

Our manuals, on the other hand, contain more product-specific information. Take our lighting manuals, for instance. Here you can see how long the lamp lasts at different brightness levels. You can see how to adjust them and how to activate the flashing light. But it also explains how and where to mount the light on your bike. And, of course, how to recharge the lamp. All this can be read in detail in the manual accompanying the product.

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