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Modellnummer: BPD-38
  • Große konkave Plattform 95*100mm(L*W)
  • Kegelförmige Stifte für maximale Griffigkeit
  • Nur 399 Gramm pro Paar
  • Abgedichtetes Lager + DU-Lager
  • Robustes Gehäuse aus eloxiertem Aluminium
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Enigma MTB Pedale

Ultimate grip, ultimate control and ultimate adventure. The Enigma pedals are prepared for the most extreme days of your life! The tapered pins give you as much grip as possible so that you can rage down every hill. The sealed DU bearing make this pedal super durable. The big platform holds your feet on it's place and makes even the most extreme rides comfortable. Get the most out of every ride with the Enigma!


  • Volumen (ml) 1596
  • Breite (mm) 70
  • Länge (mm) 120
  • Gewicht (g) 399


  • Pedal-Typ Flach
  • Material Pedalkörper Aluminium
  • Material des Schaftes CrMo
  • Typ des Lagers Cartridge-Kugellager, DU-Lager
  • Reflektoren Nein
  • Abnehmbare Stifte Ja