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Modellnummer: BTL-211
  • 12mm Adapter für Kassettenabzieher
  • Der aluminiumadapter bleibt dank eines magneten an ort und stelle
  • Kompatibel mit Shimano/SRAM/Campagnolo
  • Kompatibel mit: BTL-12S/12C/107S/108C
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Where our lockring tools always contain a guide pin to make sure your lockring tool is placed perfectly straight on top of your cassette. The normal guide pin is 9 mm thick and is compatible with all quick-release axles. For thru-axles that you find on your disc brake bikes, the standard guide pin is too thin and won't be able to do its job. That is why we have designed the GuideP{in. This 15 mm guide pin does the exact same job for your lockring, but then on your thru-axle. The GuidePin is securely held in place by a magnet and is placed over the standard guide pin of your tool. Ideal for safe and correct usage of your tools!

GuidePin GuidePin


  • Achsengröße (mm) 12


  • Gewicht (g) 12