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  • Housse de pluie pour sac à dos
  • Jaune fluorescent pour plus de visibilité

RainCover / Bag

Gardez votre sac au sec et rendez-vous visible
You're riding your bike to work or school and all of a sudden it starts to rain. No problem for you, you are as hard as a rock, but all your belongings in your bag need to stay dry! Luckily you got your RainCover with you. The RainCover covers your bag easily and fast and will stay perfectly in place, even when it's windy. The Fluorescent color makes sure you are still visible in the bad weather. With the RainCover there is no excuse anymore to not do your commute even when the rain is pouring down.


  • Couleurs Jaune
  • Tailles Universel
  • Matériau du sac Nylon
  • Système de fermeture Élastique(s)
  • Type de sac Accessories