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    Bicycle parts

    You want your bicycle to look as good as new for as long as possible, so you should maintain it properly. Bike maintenance can only be done perfectly by yourself with good bike tools, which is why we would like to help you on your way. We have clearly divided our tools into various categories so that you can quickly find the right tool for the job. Does your chain not run smoothly anymore, have a look at our drivetrain tools. Do you need to replace your bottom bracket and do the job yourself, then look in our headset and bottom bracket tools. Adjust the brakes on your bike. No problem with our braking tools. And with our tools for your wheels and tires, you'll be on your way again soon. For the mechanic who is sure he wants to keep everything in his own hands, we have tool boxes and sets. So you'll have everything instantly to hand.

    And what if I have a breakdown along the way?

    If you get a flat tire on the way, you'll want to get yourself back on the road as soon as possible. Take the right tools with you in your saddlebag or cycling shirt. Think of tire levers to easily and quickly remove your tire from the rim. And a repair kit to fix your tire or a spare tire to change it. But of course, a minitool is also indispensable for all kinds of small jobs on the road!

    Do you want to tidy up your bicycle at home or maintain it more easily?

    If you want to store your bicycle at home, buy a repair stand. With these, you can hang your bicycle on the wall in the garage, or if you really want to show off your bicycle, you can hang it in your living room. But hanging up your bike is not just for decoration, it is also convenient to place it in a stand at working height when maintaining it. For that, you can use our storage stands.