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    Cycling apparel

    When you head out on your next bicycle ride, it is important to look good. Whether you're going on a long, adventurous ride or hitting the road for your weekly training ride, your cycling clothes shouldn't get in the way of your performance. You want to look sharp all year round. In the summer with tanned legs under your cycling shorts and in the winter as well protected as possible from the elements. Whether on the road or in the forest, your cycling trip should be about experiencing adventure and delivering a performance.

    Cycling apparel

    Road cycling and mountain biking require clothing that is tailored precisely to your activity. Because when you're exercising outdoors you have to deal with the weather and it shouldn't get a hold of you. And of course, you also want to look good when you give it your all on the road or in the woods. That's why we offer a range of cycling apparel for the road and mountain biker that allows you to cycle all year round. These include cycling helmets, cycling glasses, jerseys, bib shorts, jackets, vests, underwear en accessories.

    Cycling apparel for men and women

    Men and women have different needs when it comes to cycling apparel, so we offer different cycling shirts and cycling shorts for men and women. Bibshorts with a chamois tailored to the gender of the cyclist. Cycling jerseys are designed for the taste of the gentleman or lady who will wear them during his or her performance on the bike. With a fit that suits the body of the cyclist or mountain biker.

    Cycling apparel for every season!

    Every cyclist wants to look sharp when he or she gets on the bike, whether it's a road bike or a mountain bike doesn't really matter. Cyclists are even more precise in this respect. Cycling socks neatly pulled up high, bib shorts, a light undershirt and a tight cycling jersey over it. For safety, a sturdy helmet and glasses to protect you from the sun and flying dirt. Gloves and a cycling jacket or vest against the rain complete your outfit. And in spring or autumn? Then of course you take arm and leg warmers against the cold.

    But cycling is a year-round activity, which means you also need to be prepared for heavy rain and bitter cold. Winter requires a little extra preparation when it comes to your cycling outfit. You put on thermal clothing that keeps your body warm during your efforts. Shoe covers to keep your feet dry and warm. Thick gloves that never let you lose your grip on the handlebars. And a cycling scarf or hat so that you can always keep your head covered. This way, your cycling clothes will make your ride a pleasure, even in the harshest conditions!