Date of Birth

04 / 12 / 1985


Munich, Germany

I am an ambitious amateur cyclist from Munich, Germany. In 2015 I came to cycling through the Berlin fixie scene, where I initially rode alleycats and fixed crits (such as the Rad Race or the Red Hook Crit series). The short, technical races and the associated alternative racing scene were exactly my thing for a long time until my fixed-crit accomplice asked me at the end of 2017 whether I would like to take part in the Transcontinental Race (TCRNo6) with her as a pair. I accepted immediately. That was my entry into the ultra-distance cycling scene. In 2020, I started riding ultra-distances off-road as well.

Long, short, road, off-road, racing or adventure - I just love everything that challenges me on the bike.

When I'm not on my bike, I manage research projects for one of the largest research institutions in Germany. I love math and have a PhD in math. I also love the Alps and mountain sports such as trail running, winter sports and rock climbing.